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Guild Message of the Day - April 15th
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Epitome Showcase

Lord Rhyolith Down.jpg
shannox down.jpg
nefarian down.jpg
council down.png
baradin hold.png
Chimaeron Kill.jpg
aneska soled him.png
Valiona and Theralion Kill
Atramedies Kill
Maloriak Kill
Halfus Kill
Omnitron Defense System Kill
Magmaw Kill
Lich King Kill
Four Manned Magtheridon

Epitome News

By: Olenn - July 7th

LOL WTF!?!1!


  • Norinski: i think i farted out 30g today... it was awkward.
By: Rawlii - May 26th
By: Rawlii - May 24th

Good news for raiding coming with Patch 4.2

Nerfs across the board for tier 11 raids

Check it out, plus a few class changes to go with it as well.

By: Rawlii - May 5th

Patch 4.2 on PTR's So in between what we all are already doing, take the time if you haven't done so to download the PTR, get it installed and check out whats new in the next patch BEFORE it goes live. Hopefully I will be able to have a place, and get my puter up and running so I may too enjoy the world of PTR.

  • Awajyou: And the nerfhammer for holy pally.
By: Olenn - May 4th

Guild Drama

Recently there has been a lot of guild drama going on, so I feel it is my responsibility to speak about it.  There has been three types of people that are leaving the guild lately;

  • People that get kicked out
  • People that rage quit
  • People that quite because someone else quit.

The only one that bothers me is the last one.  I hate to see a respected player leave the guild over something that they probably didn't understand.  The second one is probably just preventing themselves from being one of the first ones.  And that only leaves us with the first ones.  

As guild leader it is my responsibility to kick people from the guild from time to time.  Nobody thinks I do, but I see pretty much everything that happens in guild chat.  I see when people flip out on other people and make rude or sarcastic remarks at each other.  I see when people have aggressive or passive aggressive personalities.  These people are not conducive to playing a game.  We all play our game for different reasons, but no one comes here to deal with somebody else's drama or problems.  When I see someone bringing, what ultimately equates to "Facebook drama" into my guild I get very protective and kick people out.  I will let you all know something.  Very few of you are absolutely essential to this guild.  I have stripped this guild down to a skeleton before and will not hesitate to do it again.  I don't ask much.  I simply ask that you treat each other with dignity and respect...the same respect that you demand out of everyone else.  If I see you being hostile or acting even remotely confrontational I will boot you.  Immediately.  Irrevocably.  I will not hear "your side" of the conversation.  I will not play devil's advocate with you.  You will simply be removed and placed on ignore.  I am sure that you can find a place in  Angles of Mayhem or Council of Thrones.  These guilds have recruited people from our guild and caused dissention within our ranks.  If you dont want to be in this guild then go.  We don't need or want you.  For everyone else (most of you) that are happy and well adjusted its business as usual.  If you see anyone being an ass report it to an officer and they will be removed.

Lets leave the Facebook drama on Facebook and play the game everyone!

  • Rawlii: The ban hammer is almost back, be warned!!!
By: Olenn - April 27th

Patch 4.1 Rise of the Zandalari

A new wallpaper is out for the patch and it is pretty sweet. Click the link below and select your resolution size to download.

By: Olenn - April 18th

WTF!?!? Wierdest (and maybe coolest) rage quit ever...

Not really sure who this was or what the hell he was talking about, but this was the most random thing ever.  If you could scroll up and see, there were no comments for about 10 mins.  It was just totally random, LOL.

  • Norinski: most epic gquit of all time
  • Jinfire: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like
  • Jinfire: I wont be going on plane trips for a loooong time
  • Sardoniscorn: It's an Inception meme.
  • Battlebobbie: Nice...
  • Aneska: Well, this guy just lost cool points for non-originality. I take it back
  • Norinski: agreed ^ this gquit is now moderate at best
  • Olenn: Very disappointed with the lack of originality at this point...what a let down...
By: Olenn - April 18th

Another one bites the dust...

Alpha team is still at it. This is the third raid in a row with a new boss down. We beat Chimaeron tonight and I would like to thank all of the people that help make this possible. Please keep your head in the game and we should be running Heroic versions in no time.

  • Jinfire: < made it possible
  • Slâyer: What!? <Epitome> Made it Possible! lol
  • Sardoniscorn: Grats on Valiona and Chimaeron, everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't be there.
  • Olenn: Don't sweat it will remain n the guild just incase you end up coming back...
  • Norinski: yes finally i get to step outta sards shadow! muhaha ...until you end up comnig back man lol see you around
By: Rawlii - April 17th

Farewell (for now)

With much regret and disappointment, it is time for me to say goodbye to you all until the next time I am online. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, in the last couple of weeks I have been at and graduated the Army's Recruiting and Retention school. And with that comes a new duty assignment. In about 2 weeks I will be moving to Georgia. So because of this move I have to take time to get our house together, and with that, I will have to shut down my puter and get ready for this move. So this is my last will and testament...............ha ha, jk. No this will be my last time for me to say bye to you all, and what better place than here in the home of Epitome.

Assuming that my estimated timelines are correct, it could be as late as June before you see me back in the game. But be rest assured that when we have internet at our new place, I will be back on Mumble ( or what ever new program Olenn decides to use ) to give you the newly updated info on our new place.

It seems like forever since I started playing WoW, what Olenn since.............whenever BC went to retail. I do not want to give up what I love to do and the people who have made it fun to play, you all. Anyways I seem to be rambling, so congrats on making guild level 25 and hope that when I come back, you will have more great achievements for me to hear about.

Take care Epitome

  • Norinski: take care man... see you around june then
  • Olenn: /salute
  • Aneska: \We'll miss you Rawlii!!!!! I hope you come back soon :)

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